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hobt2Voices of Community: Art/Food/Shelter/Justice extends and expands the series of theater performances that Sandglass has been presenting since 2005, bringing
together theater artists, activists, and community members of all ages for 7 days of engagement with the arts and with the social issues that propel artists to work. This collaboration of Sandglass Theater and Next Stage Arts Project recognizes a need for this kind of event in our Southern Vermont community, specifically to see the arts as a powerful means of effecting positive change in areas of inequality based on income, race, disability, gender, and access to basic human resources, food, and shelter.

The performances, workshops, dialogues, and community events of this gathering will help us to:

~ Integrate the arts and our community, thereby knitting a stronger social fabric;

~ Deepen our understanding and connection with the ways in which the arts address issues of justice, inequality, hunger, homelessness, and disenfranchisement;

~ Show artistic process and practice as a model for positive social change and an aid to envisioning a more just society;

~ Create new language that propels change around issues of justice, civility, and peace;

~ Produce experiences that last beyond the event itself, transcending memories and archived media to continued engagement and action.

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