The All Festival Pass

When you purchase an All Festival Pass for $100 we will create a coupon-code which you can use to purchase one ticket for each of the performances and other ticketed events.  The coupon code can only be used once, but all tickets you select will be given a 100% discount.

Your $100 Pass could include ALL of the events listed below   – a $159 value!

Once you have your coupon code, you can add as many events to your cart and get a single ticket for each.  Apply your coupon code and your tickets will be free!

Zydeco Dance Party    Sunday evening $15

Farm to Table Dinner and Story Circle   — Wednesday evening $10

Heart of the Beast show at the Latchis   —  either Thursday at 9 or 11    $8

‘Capers — Either Thursday evening or Friday evening  $18

Speed Killed My Cousin — either Friday evening or Saturday afternoon    $18

Brunch with the Artists  — Saturday morning $10


Dream Can   — Sunday morning  $10

Stories in the Power of the Circle   — Monday afternoon $10

Countermapping   — Tuesday or Friday morning $10

The Art of Listening   — Tuesday evening  $10

Creative Arts Reintegration Digital Storytelling   — Wednesday afternoon  $10

Police and Student Hip Hop   — Friday afternoon  $10

Masks   — Saturday morning  $10

Please allow 24 hours for us to get back to you with your Festival Pass coupon code.
If you purchase more than one festival pass we’ll generate personal codes for each person.

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